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1. Winter Sports

Try skiing, ice skating, sledding, making snow angels and snow men together to get moving, laugh and get outside a bit.

2. Cuddle & Snuggle

Not only does cuddling keep you warm, but it also releases endorphins and oxytocin, the happiness hormone. Oxytocin is also the bonding hormone. Cuddling reduces stress, blood pressure and even makes it easier to sleep. Best of all, it’s free. Check out this cute article on Buzzfeed regarding the most important cuddling positions. There was also an article in Cosmo on what different cuddling positions mean, but don’t get too in your head about this. Also, be sure to attempt this only after you’ve been dating for a while and it feels appropriate!

3. Make Warm Drinks

A fun thing to do during winter is experiment with making hot toddies. Or you can also whip up a variety of hot cocoa recipes.

4. Build a Fire

Light candles all over your home for a romantic candlelit dinner. You can go to a dollar store and stock up on candles, and then place them all over your dining room for an evening in. If you are up for a bigger purchase, get an electric fireplace. You can also sit around a real one at home or at a restaurant. There are many romantic restaurants and bars in Los Angeles, Manhattan and Brooklyn with fireplaces.

5. Cook Together

Buy some recipe books and have some fun making surprising meals together, or look for recipes online and then whip them up for a romantic dinner. You can also try baking something sweet and comforting like one of these winter-themed desserts from Food Network.

6. Cozy Up and Get Some Zzz’s

Sleep is so important to health; it makes you feel secure, centered and energized.  Sleeping together bonds you on a deeper level. Obviously you need to feel comfortable with your date to do this, so wait on this date idea until you’ve been dating each other for a bit.

7. Share Resolutions & Goals Together

We are now in December, and with January around the corner, winter brings thoughts of the New Year and new goals. This can be an opportunity for couples (new and old) to support each other’s personal growth – both as individuals and as a couple. So, share what you are thinking and ask your mate what he or she would like to create next year.

8. Learn to Dance

Most of us like to stay indoors in the winter. After you’ve been dating your partner for a while and feel comfortable with him/her, consider taking dance lessons together, getting a dance instruction video, or just slow dancing in your respective houses.  It’s a great way to stay warm, get close and be romantic. Extra points if you put together a sentimental and customized playlist for your mate!

9. Rent Romantic Movies

An old failsafe is to rent or download a bunch of romantic movies and then watch them on the couch together with popcorn.  It reminds us of the power of love.  Share your favorite in the comments section below!

10. Try Indoor Camping

If and when you are sleeping over together, you can create an indoor camping scene with candles, music, a tent, sleeping bags, s’mores and ghost or love stories. Could be fun!

11. Share Your Reading List

If you are snowed in, you can get to know each other on a deeper level by reading each other your favorite poetry or swapping your favorite books to discuss.  You can even write poems for each other (if you are talented or open to new activities).

12. Plan a Game Night

Remember when you were in camp and played war and poker? It can be fun to have a board game or cards night. The loser has to orders Chinese takeout!


Enjoy, and stay warm!


Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist and the author of “Dating from the Inside Out” and “When Mars Women Date.” She also works as a love coach and runs groups on dating and relationship issues in Manhattan. Learn more at: and
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