Dear Gems from Jen,

So, I have been on 2 dates with one guy. Then I went on vacation.  When I returned, I left a voicemail, and he returned the call (he got my voicemail), and then called me again later that night.  But he did not ask me out on another date…Should I assume he is not interested?

Dear 2 Dates,

This is how two people become two ships passing in the night.  I know it sounds horribly cliché, but it is the truth. Why would you assume anything? It sounds to me as if he is interested as evidenced by his return phone call later that same evening. Before you throw in the towel and decide what it is he must be thinking and/or feeling, have another conversation with him. Perhaps he was waiting to see if you were still interested. Maybe you didn’t come across as wanting to go out with him again because you were waiting for him to ask you out rather than participating 100 percent in the phone conversation.  Maybe he would like for you to ask him out this time around. There are so many possibilities here. Making assumptions and trying to read someone’s mind based on our own fears usually has negative consequences.  One thing is for sure though; you will not have your answer unless you communicate honestly and genuinely with this guy.

Gems from Jen