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I did it on a dare, I’m trying online dating. My best friend was sick of me recycling through my old flings and said I needed to join a dating site to find new prospects. I am a divorced mom and he suggested I try dating some single dads. I shifted through countless single dad profiles and had a hard time clicking “like” on any of them. I realized that men, who are new to the online market, need a little direction in the new age of online dating.

Single dads, if you want to attract a girl on any online dating site, please follow these tips:

No pictures of you…

  1. …from 20 years ago. Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time and date you then, so it’s pointless.
  2. …with your tongue out. Unless you’re a member of KISS, it’s not appropriate.
  3. …with celebrity wax figures. You’re not original as one in four profiles have the same picture.
  4. …naked in the the mirror. No mystery left, just you holding your iPhone, striking a pose.
  5. …with a bathtub sized drink. Don’t be proud that you can drink a lot.

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