If marriage is on your mind, on your agenda or perhaps, you’re just wondering what it takes to make love last for more than a season, here are some tips from happily married couples. Whether married for a few years or a few decades, the couples I spoke to enthusiastically endorsed marriage and the essential tips that make their marriage work and work well throughout the years.

From the simplest gestures like watching your spouse’s favorite movies even when you hate those films, to putting down the phone already, read on and see which of these tips resonate the most with you!

  1. “Communicate everything from how your day was, to the finances. And get off your phones! Please … don’t use them in bed with your partner!” —Jacqueline
  2. “Pay attention to your partner on a daily basis. Don’t take him or her for granted.” —Patricia
  3. “Be patient.” —Laura
  4. “When you’re wrong, admit it; when you’re right, don’t gloat about it.” —Michael
  5. “It’s actively listening and sometimes, getting the kids out of your space and turning off the phones!” —Tyler
  6. “Laugh together every day!” —Donna
  7. “Happy wife, happy life. No need to use the knife.” —Paul
  8. “Make sure you go on date nights, please!” —Alisa
  9. “Date each other … even years later.” —Tonya
  10. “Watch your spouse’s favorite movies with them from time to time…even if you hate them!” —David
  11. “Laugh at each other’s stupid mistakes.” —Samantha
  12. “Find things to do together that you both enjoy!” —Sara
  13. “Don’t sweat the small stuff. People are people and no one would do things exactly 100 percent like you would – and that’s a good thing!” —Kristin & Kevin
  14. “We find talking about our jobs actually helps to bounce ideas off of each other. I know some folks say not to talk about work, but we are the opposite!” —Kristin & Kevin
  15. “Never forget or give up how much fun you have with each other … or why you got married.” —Sinead & James
  16. “Whatever you do, respect each other. Don’t bad mouth each other!” —Mary
  17. “Be thoughtful. When you go out of your way to treat your spouse with kindness and put extra thought into what you say and do, you can’t help but feel amazing love for them.” —Lynda
  18. “Realize you are two people coming from two different journeys. It takes time and patience to merge two lives.” —Heather
  19. “Compromise! That means setting aside what you want to take care of to pay attention to the wants and needs of your spouse. If both of you can manage to make each other the main focus, then each of your needs are covered.” —Amanda
  20. “Try to avoid the words ‘always’ and ‘never,’ especially when arguing.” —Theresa
  21. “Have each other’s backs! Make sure you treat each other like they’re truly #1 above all others.” —Katherine
  22. “Be on the same page!” —Tina
  23. “Don’t forget to snuggle!” —Vanessa

Out of all of these tips, which do you think you floundered in in your last relationship? Which do you think you excelled in? Use this as a springboard for your next or current relationship!

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