As friends and I were listening to the Philharmonic in Central Park last night, we discussed the elusive world of chemistry.  There are at least three types of chemistry as it relates to the Internet dating world.  Email chemistry, phone chemistry and in-person chemistry.  The all too frustrating part is more often than not, only one exists. Years ago, I set up a girlfriend with my then boyfriend’s friend.  Before even meeting, Jodi and Ken spoke every night for hours for two weeks straight on the phone.The euphoria most people crave with a new potential was apparent.  She prematurely believed that based on their phone conversations this could be it.  Finally, the fateful day came when they had their first date…and let’s say their last date.  The physical attraction was fine, but the in-person chemistry was off, inexplicable and different from their countless hours on the phone. I was bewildered, what could be so different?  But time and time again I hear the same thing.  All I know is I am not a phone person, particularly when I don’t know the person.  The phone is used to convey something of immediate share worthiness and to set up plans.  Hours on the phone is not really my style. My friends and I concluded, if you meet someone on JDate, try to arrange the in-person meeting as soon as possible and limit the phone and email banter until after that initial meeting. Use that time for a mani-pedi which is guaranteed to last a week.

#46 Tall skim caramel macchiato – enough said.