You’ve heard it before, but I’m going to tell you again: age is JUST a number. Yes, really, it is! It’s all about mindset. If you think young, you are young. If you think you’re old and act old, then you are most certainly going to feel old. Get in the mindset that age is truly just a number, and you’ll find that your life plays out accordingly – especially when it comes to looking for love.

The New Marriage Mindset

Now, when it comes to dating, I understand that as the years tick on by, it can be easy to start thinking, “Woe is me, I’m never going to meet someone.” When you find yourself feeling that way, stop in your tracks. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Because these days, 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30.

It’s 2017, and people are getting married a lot later than they did back in the day. It’s no longer the norm to get married in your early 20s. Yes, it might happen, but more people than I can count aren’t getting serious with a partner until later on, which in turn means marriage isn’t going to happen until later on. Women and men alike are focused on their careers, friends, travel and other interests, so they’re not ready to settle down just yet. And this is a good thing.

As we get older, we learn more about ourselves. You are a completely different person at 30 than you are at 25. You’re likely wiser and much more self-aware. This can lead to not only a better understanding of yourself, but a better understanding of the type of person you want to spend your life with as well. You’ll have the life experience to really know what you want, who you want and how you want to live your life. That means that when you meet Mr. or Ms. Right in your late 20s, your 30s, your 40s or beyond, you’ll know for sure whether you’re really compatible in the long run.

The Golden Years

People are living longer these days, plain and simple. According to ABC News, “The number of Americans age 65 or older increased tenfold in the last century and the elderly are living longer, in more comfort and in better health than ever before.” This is great news in general, but it also bodes well for your love life.

So what if you’re 42 years old and single? That’s young, my friend! You think it’s old? Well, change your mindset. If you’re going to feel old and not take care of yourself, the men or women you date are going to see that. Take care of yourself, your skin, your body and your mind, and you can feel as young as you damn well want.

Now, I’m not saying to not act your age in every facet of your life. For example, you can dress attractively for your age without bordering into “frumpy” territory or trying to copy the trends the teens are wearing. And you don’t want to be that 45-year-old guy that’s trying to hang out at the college bars and get drunk with sorority girls. Strike a balance that combines the maturity and wisdom of the years under your belt with a youthful willingness to have fun, try new things and be open-minded.

Whether you’re on JDate looking for your soulmate or prefer meeting people out and about or through a mutual friend, let your confidence radiate, feel good about yourself and tell yourself everyday that you are as young as you want to be. Forget about the number, and others will, too.

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