When I moved out here to Los Angeles after college, a lot off my friends came too.  Now that we’re all here, we’ve managed to find day jobs so that we can afford rent and groceries, and in our spare time we write and produce sketch comedy, a la Kids in the Hall or Upright Citizen Brigade. 

Two of these friends that live together have each already had multiple flings with multiple women that they’ve met in bars, at work, or through other friends.  I’ve had one brief fling, through JDate, and have been in the city for twice as long.

Why is this?  In truth, they are more handsome and suave than I am, but they don’t really respect any of the women they get with, and the purely-sexual relationships they have do not last long.

I fantasize about walking into a bar, finding an attractive woman, and getting her back to my place, because I am single.  This happens to my friends, but never to me.  Is it because I have too much respect for women, or because I’m not handsome or suave enough?

It’s a rhetorical question, because I know your answer would be different whether you’re a man or a woman.  And both answers are probably correct.