If you don’t love Jewish guys, you’re missing out on a nice portion of the male population that has so much to offer. I’ve known quite a few non-Jewish women (and men) who really had a thing for Jewish guys. And you know what? It’s not surprising. Because Jewish men are …

1. Cute

Okay so maybe you’ve got that vision of the “nebbish” in your head. But really, is there something completely wrong about a nice, passive guy? Sweet guys are in demand in my book! Besides that, when I think of why Jewish guys are so rad, it’s the sex appeal. Adam Levine and those abs are not too shabby. What about David Duchovny? I wouldn’t say no to him. If you like your men slightly geeky and young, there’s Daniel Radcliffe. And don’t forget about Lenny Kravitz, Adrien Brody … the list goes on and on.

2. Funny

Your non-Jewish friends might think their boyfriends and spouses are funny, but come on. Everyone knows the “tribe” holds the power of the comedic law by the balls.

Maybe it’s because when we flew from Egypt we realized that in order to tolerate matzo for so long, we would have to have a sense of humor about it. Maybe it’s our long-history of suffering that required us to formulate the gift of laughter. Not sure why, but Jewish guys are bound to make you laugh. Being hot is nice, but making you laugh until you are old, gray and wearing a diaper again is pretty damn awesome. I know I wouldn’t consider Larry David hot (no offense, Larry), but that man can make me laugh for days on end.

3. Powerful

Um, not for nothing, but Moses was one powerful guy. Not everyone has the ability to part the Red Seas. Actually, nobody has that power. At least, not for a very long time (think: B.C.). But Moses did.

There is a lot of gossip that Jewish people in general are powerful, especially in Hollywood. But to me, it just means that Jewish men are shrewd, smart and skilled in their ability to reason and make a living for themselves. That is absolutely sexy.

4. Smart

Have you ever Googled “Jews are smart?” Welcome to a plethora of controversial info claiming or disclaiming the intelligence of Jews. I found a site called Jew or Not Jew that categorized and ranked Jewish people. In many of the categories, there were numerous scientists and politicians (all Jewish), but some were labeled “more” Jewish than others according to this website. Apparently, Noam Chomsky landed on there; have you ever read any of his stuff on linguistics? Whoa, smart guy.

Though the merits of a site like Jew or Not Jew are pretty debatable, it’s clear that smarts are sexy. In my humble and not-so-scientific opinion, I have rarely met a Jewish man that wasn’t smart.

While us Jewish ladies have plenty to offer on our own, it’s nice to know that Jewish men can bring a lot to the table, too. Keep these factors in mind when searching for the Jewish hottie of your dreams.

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