Conventional wisdom says anyone who is so beautiful and famous that they’ve graced the cover of a national magazine dozens of times would have no problem at all getting a date. And if you believe that, you would be wrong. In fact, more and more often celebs are turning to online dating to help them meet quality people because, when it comes to love, celebs are just like us! They want real, lasting connections. And who can blame them. Don’t believe me? Here are five celebrities who have tried online dating:

     1.  Hilary Duff 

Think you’re too busy to date? Try filling your days with traveling for photo shoots, filming, and press interviews. From an early age, this was Hilary Duff’s life when her TV show, Lizzie McGuire, took off. After her divorce from Mike Comrie, she took a sabbatical from traditional dating to explore her options online!

     2.  Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford, the famous Gossip Girl actor, says he has no problem going online to find a girlfriend. Chace even admitted to multiple online dating accounts. Maybe someone should set him up with Hilary Duff?

     3.  Katy Perry

Katy Perry admitted on a radio talk show to trying online dating. Wonder if her username is DarkHorse or Firework?

     4.  Jenny McCarthy

Before Jenny McCarthy met her husband, she went online to meet her perfect match. She said her target age range was between 35 and 48. Jenny also admitted that she didn’t care if she found someone who was bald or had a big nose. Staying open-minded is definitely one of the keys to finding love!

     5.  Eric Stonestreet

When Eric Stonestreet is not playing his role on Modern Family, he might be out with a girl he met online. The actor admitted to Howard Stern that he has a hard time meeting people and thinks online dating is a great option.

Trying to meet new people can seem mystifying for all of us (celebs and non-celebs alike), but more and more people are going online to meet quality matches. Give it a try! There’s a good chance you’ll increase your dating pool and boost your chances of finding love.

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