The prospect of a first date is staring you in the face, but you just can’t seem to get excited about another coffee shop sit-down. Meanwhile, the thought of meeting up at a restaurant yet again makes you want to crawl under a rock.

Sound familiar? The timeless first date spots for singles who meet online may work for some people, but if this isn’t your first rodeo, you might be ready for something different. Fortunately, there are several ways to shake up your first date routine without pushing too far outside your comfort zone. Here are some fresh first date ideas to try.

1. A Walk In The Park
Could something as simple as a walk really work for a first date? Absolutely. You still have plenty of time to ask each other questions, but walking side by side feels so much less like an interview than when you’re sitting across from someone at a café. To make it feel a little more special than just plain old walking, grab an ice cream cone before you set off or bring along a simple picnic of snacks.

2. Bowling
Physical activities like rock climbing or kayaking make for incredibly fun second or third dates. But at that first meet-up, you need to focus on getting to know each other. Bowling offers the perfect balance between the two – it’s a fun activity that can ease any uncomfortable moments (awkward silences are instantly fixed by someone taking their turn) but it’s laid-back enough that you still have time to chat. Bonus: Few things are more telling about someone’s personality than their reaction to rolling a gutter ball.

3. Carnival Or Amusement Park
If there’s an affordable amusement park nearby or a carnival in town, jump at the chance for a truly memorable first date spot. There are tons of rides and games that offer the opportunity to find out if you have fun together. Snacks and drinks are casual and cheap yet they still feel like a rare treat (ahem, elephant ears). Want a quiet moment to talk or maybe even go for a kiss? Two words: Ferris wheel.

4. Museum
This date is a little trickier to pull off, but if you happen to share a love of contemporary art, historic architecture or something else featured in a museum, it’s a great option for seeing if you click. The casual stroll through the museum offers plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know one another. When conversation lulls, just chat about whatever exhibit you’re viewing – it’s a great way to find out what makes the other person tick.

5. Library
Even those who don’t consider themselves “book lovers” can find something cool at a local library. Casually browse the stacks or pick out items for the other person to check out, like a favorite book or DVD. Sure, it’s quiet in there, but all that whispering can be kind of romantic …

Thinking about asking for that first date? Suggesting one of these unique options may be just what you need to get that special someone to say “yes.”

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