There I was, sitting across the table from a stranger staring me straight in the eye, when the host rang a bell and said, “Topic: Discuss your favorite body part.” The charismatic, good looking fellow across from me bounced up and said, “I’ll go first. My favorite body part is my ass.” He then proceeded to stand up, turn around and shake that thang (I’m not kidding this is 100% true story). He sat down smugly, all proud of himself. “My turn,” I said. Following suit, I stood up, lifted my little t-shirt, and started shaking my twins (breathe: I had a swim suit on). I proceeded to sit down just as smugly. At this point everyone involved in this game (who is otherwise sitting and talking) is staring at us.  And with the sound of a ‘ding’ and the host’s command of “time to rotate,” our five minute speed date was up and it was time to move on. We both quickly turned to each other and formally introduced ourselves – “By the way, nice to meet you Jordan, I’m Michelle.” Everyone laughed.

There was no exchange of resumes or 20 questions, but rather just instant chemistry in a matter of minutes. Luckily, to both our discoveries, the five minutes of senseless banter proved our chemistry for a short-term relationship and a long-term friendship.

Next week, I will venture to give speeddating another try, though I plan to keep my clothes on this time. I am hopeful no one will ask the typical resume questions. I truly believe a lot can be determined in five minutes– instant attraction, a person’s carriage and personality. I guess you never know what shakin’ that thing can teach you.