After the holiday season and an onslaught of snow storms most of us could use some warmth, relaxation, and an extra dose of love.  Enter Valentine’s Day; a day for lovers.  My husband and I used our date night to try out a variety of NYC spa experiences and massages so I could make some suggestions for you!  Whether you are in a committed relationship, or have just started seeing someone new, here are some rejuvenating Valentine’s Day date ideas.  Enjoy!

1. Whatever Floats Your Boat: Floatation at LaCasa Day Spa

A Floatation tank is a lightless, soundless tank inside which a person floats in skin temperature salt water.  Today they’re used for meditation and relaxation.  Researchers say floatation may aid creativity and can be very relaxing.  Avid meditators say it’s an easy, effective way to reach a deep state of meditation.  I went to LaCasa Day Spa in Manhattan.  I entered a large bathroom with a tub (floatation tank) and adjacent shower.  The floatation tank had a black sliding door so the light wouldn’t get in.  There was a shallow amount of water filled with Epsom salt, so that you can float.  I wore a bathing suit, but many go in nude.  You’re in there alone and once you close the black bath door, no one can see inside.  I floated, with arms overhead and it was a deeply spiritual experience because it felt like I was in a cosmic womb, completely supported without distractions or demands.  How often do you have an hour of time completely to yourself with no stimuli or time pressure in complete silence?  I had to go to work afterwards, but I felt crystal clear and relaxed for the whole day (and the following day too!).  I felt particularly rested, awake and centered afterwards.  You can gift your honey with a float experience, or go there together and take turns.  It will be a unique experience you’ll remember!

2. Bathing By Candlelight: Aire Baths

Aire Baths is gorgeous.  There are candles lining the stairs and all along the walls of the dimly lit, large darkened room, which looks like a monastery.  There are a variety of pools: a floatatarium of salt water kept around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a warm-water pool heated to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, a hot-water pool that was 102 degrees Fahrenheit, a propeller jet bath kept at 97 degrees Fahrenheit and two cold-water pools, one 61 degrees and the other 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  There was also a steam room with aromatherapy and a marble rest area with tea and water. Beautiful relaxing music played and we had two hours (before the bell rang) to try out the baths together.  It felt like a romantic, spiritual experience that bonded us and we both felt so refreshed afterwards.  Certain times they have an acoustic concert accompanying the baths, and other times they offer yoga classes with your bath ritual.  It is a romantic date experience sure to help you connect on a whole new level.

3. A Decadent Couples Massage with Chocolate & Champagne: Cynergy Spa

We went to Cynergy Spa in Brooklyn for an hour-long couples massage package.  They began by giving us tea and a hot cloth in their reception area. We were then led through a hallway, which was lined with candles, into a large lovely couples room.  The room had a Jacuzzi, shower and two massage tables for side-by-side massages.  You can take a 30-minute Jacuzzi together and then get side-by-side massages.  We loved it.  The package also includes chocolate and champagne afterwards.  It’s a very special outing to cherish each other.  You can probably find something similar near you, if you aren’t in the NY area.

4. Jet Baths on Rooftops:  Spa Castle

Our date night at Spa Castle in Queens was relaxing and romantic.  We paid $40 each for admission (the price is going up soon) and were given a uniform of shorts and a t-shirt and a plastic watch type device that had a number on it. It opened your locker and allowed you to purchase food, drinks, and services without carrying around your wallet.  We donned our bathing suits, uniforms, and explored.  We went to the roof deck to try the baths and sat there looking up at the sky. There were two large pools with jets on the rooftop, designed with aqua jets from Korea and Japan. The water is warm.  There were many saunas including a Jade Sauna, a Far Infrared sauna, and a Gold Sauna (plus others).  Afterwards we felt very relaxed and connected.  My husband thanked me because he had such a good time.  There are also a variety of extra services, like massages.  So, check it out for a ‘Me Day’ or take your new sweetie with you!

5. Steam Up with the Russians: Mermaid Spa in Brooklyn

Mermaid Spa is a Russian Banya with three Russian steam rooms, a dry sauna, a Turkish bath, two tile pools that are machine-fed with chopped ice and a circular Jacuzzi.  Admission is $40 per person and they also have a restaurant there.  It also offers Swedish and deep-tissue massage in addition to traditional Russian massage.  Try something new together, spend the day and enjoy!

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist and writer. She wrote the upcoming, “The Book of Sacred Baths,” being published by Llewellyn and is the author of “Dating from the Inside Out” and “When Mars Women Date.” She has a private practice in Manhattan and does date coaching by phone. Learn more at
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