Breakups are the worst, aren’t they? It physically feels as if every piece of you is crumbling apart, and it can be hard to push yourself to get out of that fog of “breakup depression.” A gray cloud of negativity when it comes love and dating is a hard one to shove off, but with the summer approaching and warm temperatures upon us, why not use the sun to chase away those breakup blues, Jewish-style?

1. For The Depressed One: TV Time

While I would prefer you get off your butt and get moving, reconnecting with one of the best Jewish comedians (in my opinion), Larry David, is a great way to numb that breakup pain. I could watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on loop and not stop laughing.

If it helps, imagine yourself telling your ex to “go screw,” Larry David-style, although I wouldn’t recommend trying any of his stunts in real life.

2. For The Angry One: The Gym

There’s nothing like burning calories and getting some endorphins flowing to deal with your post-breakup rage. If you like the idea of intense training and want to show off an incredibly tight body after a breakup, try CrossFit or any interval/high-intensity program at your gym. The small-group feel is exciting and social, which is something you could use after the isolation and heartache of a breakup.

Many people find fitness becomes such a way of life that suddenly, they’re at the gym every day or every other day. It creates a nice rhythm and can help you get into a set schedule. It will propel you out of your bed and have your body feeling great and better yet, your head and heart will start feeling better, too.

3. For The Aspiring Comedian/Comedienne: Take The Mic

Like many of our Jewish brothers and sisters, you can let go of the broken relationship via the mic.

A little stand-up might just make you feel great. Even if the idea is terrifying, preparing to get over your stage fright should occupy your time enough that perhaps you won’t be fretting over the one who got a way. There’s a reason tribe members rock the mic so well. Plus, you can tell jokes about your ex and no one will judge you!

4. For The Do-Gooder: Volunteer

It’s hard to skip out and stay home crying when you know that poor animals at the shelter or disadvantaged kids are waiting for you to come help them. Sign up to volunteer to do something for those who are less fortunate than you (four-legged or two-legged). There’s nothing better than knowing that you did something good for someone else. You’ll also get a heavy dose of perspective by reminding yourself that your breakup is just a blip in the big picture. What a great way to say goodbye to your past love and move forward in a positive direction!

5. For The Yogi: Get Flexible

Consider joining yoga to enhance your flexibility and tone your body. And let’s not forget the other benefits yoga; the focus on being in a healthy mental state comes in handy if you’re depressed, anxious or have any other feelings that keep you from being clear-headed and focused.

Since it’s a popular workout for the ladies, many women find that yoga also helps them to make friends and meet a few people to go out with as singles. If you identify as LGBT, you also could score a date, which would be pretty sweet!

And if you’re a straight man, you’ll get the physical and mental benefits along with the chance to meet some pretty cool women to date. One tip: don’t gawk. If you stare too hard at yoga, you may get kicked out of yoga – just saying.

Finding the best route to getting over an ex can vary depending on your personality and your tastes. But with these ideas, you can jumpstart your recovery and feel better in time to enjoy the summer and all the fun it’s sure to have in store.

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