Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Being a new dater during the Valentine’s Day season can be quite unnerving.  Whether you’ve been on just two dates, or even six, the pressure of Valentine’s Day and planning the “perfect date” can be unbearable – or is that just me?!

The art of enjoying Valentine’s Day as a new flame is daunting for both men and women. So put in a little work ahead of time in order to ensure you remain cool, calm and confident! To help you get started, I’ve dug up five easy, yet thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all the new daters out there! Perfect for both guys and girl, these ideas should help relieve the pressure, give you some fun options, and make your Valentine’s date a night to remember.

  1. Make Them Laugh

Head to your local bookstore and pick up a “Valentine’s Day” themed Mad Lib!  Wrap it like a present and attach a pen into the bow.  Your date will smile, laugh and love the idea of being a kid again with a good ol’ fashioned Mad Libs. You’ll never have an awkward silence the whole night; instead you’ll be laughing with hilarious stories of love. Be as clean or as risqué as you want.  It will set the mood with laughter and intrigue. Click here to order your Mad Libs online!

  1. Chalk It Up to Romance

Wine, champagne or even a specialty micro-brew beer is a fun gift, but it’s all about the packaging when gifting for Valentine’s Day. Try a bottle cover that is not only cool and useful, but also allows you to write a message on it.  This jute bottle cover is the perfect gift for that.  Take a small piece of chalk and write something cute in the heart.  It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day theme without being too romantic.  Guys – fill your jute cover with something bubbly like Sofia Coppola sparkling wine (it comes in a pink wrapper)!  Girls – find out what your man’s favorite beer is, and get him a grande bottle.  Bonus perk – drinks are meant for sharing.  Add some fresh strawberries to that order and you have a recipe for Valentine’s Day brownie points!

  1. Raise the (Chocolate) Bar

Get creative with chocolate!  Instead of going for the heart shaped boxes, why not find a new way to enjoy everyone’s favorite sweet treat – like chocolate-covered fortune cookies!  It’s a “thinking outside of the box” kind of gift!  It says you’re romantic, thoughtful and creative!  This works for both guys and girls. And again, treats like this are better when they are shared, so buy one box for your date and you both can enjoy it!

  1. Make It Personal

Customized cell phone cases are a very unique and playful gift to give to your date on Valentine’s Day. You can go to companies like and upload photos to create a very personalized phone cover case.  You can either use a photo from a previous date, or even snag some photos off their Facebook page.  Use a photo of their pet, a photo from their last vacation, or just find a photo you think they will love and go for it! Your date’s Pinterest page could be a great resource for that.  Just think, the more personalized pic you choose, the more personal your date may get with you…

  1. Do a Little DIY

Go pick up a mason jar from World Market and fill it with your date’s favorite bite size candy.  It’s a cute, easy, inexpensive, and delicious way to give a little gift without it being too much, too soon.  The thoughtfulness that you even remembered your date’s favorite candy will be gift enough, and then, enjoy your treats together!  Want extra points?  Make a little message on the side or on the inside lid of the can. This is sure to be something your date will keep and remember always.

Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, remember to get creative. Throw the obvious out the window and watch as your thoughtfulness turns into… well, I’ll let you use your imagination.


Named “LA’s go-to stylist” by the Los Angeles Times in 2012, certified image consultant and personal stylist, Laurie Brucker of LaurieBstyle LLC, is the stylist for real people. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising from Indiana University and a certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for Image Consulting, Laurie was hand-picked as a top stylist in 2011 to represent Stacy London from TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Keeping style very personal, Laurie has developed the “Style Strategies for Success,” which empowers her clients with the tools, techniques and art of creating your own unique sense of style that’s right for you!
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