When it comes to online dating, you’re only as good as the profile you create. That’s why it’s imperative to create an appealing profile that demands attention. How’s that for pressure? Well, let me ease the tension for you: A standout profile can be yours with just a few great pictures and a catchy username. You see, your username is like your smile — it’s the first thing other daters see. So, pick a name that shines as bright as your pearly whites. Here’s how!

1. Be Descriptive

A good username is descriptive, helping other members on the site get to know you better. Whether you choose a personality trait or talk about your career, being descriptive in your username gives you a better chance of getting noticed.

2. Keep It Short & Sweet

Many people will just glance over profiles with longer usernames as they browse the site. Lengthy combinations of letters can look sloppy, and they take more time to read.  Don’t get lost in the crowd — pick a name that is short and sweet!

3. Stay Positive

This is great advice for all of us in any area of life.  A positive outlook is especially important, however, when it comes to online dating. Try to avoid comments or usernames that are self-deprecating. Even if you are being sarcastic, the person on the other end of the computer may not understand. You have a much better chance of getting recognized if your username reflects something positive.

4. Choose Letters Over Numbers

It can be tempting to pick a familiar and simple username like “cutie” and then add a bunch of numbers at the end. Don’t do that. If you choose something like “Cutie578,” you will only wind up looking like every other person with the word “cutie” in their profile. This makes it harder to stand out – especially because usernames that have a lot of numbers tend to look similar.

5. Get Creative

A great username is a differentiator – a way to become an individual in a sea of hundreds of thousands of people. Choose something catchy. If you like cheesy puns, then think of a play on words or create a fun saying. Something like “MomsLoveMe” is sure to get a few laughs, and it opens the door for conversation when another member just has to find out why moms love you so much!

Your chances of finding a match online increase with a strong username. Start brainstorming and ask for help from a few creative friends if you get stuck. It may just take that one perfect username to land that great first date!

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