You went on a date, and now you need to digest the experience. Your friends and family (especially your Jewish mom) might excitedly grill you about it, wanting to know every detail of the night. How do you explain your feelings about that first date? You do it Yiddish-style, embracing your Jewishness (although, of course, you may be Sephardic and not even know a lick of Yiddish). Still, getting out those “ish” sounds and phrases is a lot of fun, and it makes for an easy way to sum up your date in a single word.

1. Mensch

If you had a date with a solid, strong person, you can tell your crew you went out with a mensch. The mensch is a person of honor; your date wasn’t creepy or inappropriate, but instead, respectful and smart. Nabbing a date with a mensch is a win for you. I’m sure your Jewish mom will be stoked!

2. Nebbish

You certainly weren’t manhandled or ogled by your first date with the nebbish. You almost felt like you were the intimidating one based on your date’s passive and bumbling nature. Even simply getting the date details from the ineffective and timid nebbish was no small feat. However, you might not want to count out the shy and anxious nebbish just yet. First dates can be pretty nerve-wracking, for even the most outgoing of people. A second chance may prove this person to be a little less timid.

3. Yenta

Man, your date wouldn’t stop talking about everyone and anyone she knows. Sure, the term is known for describing women only, but in my day, I have met quite a few men who qualify for the term nonetheless. You got the feeling that your date was grilling you so hard, you checked your butt for grill marks after and wondered if she somehow did a background check and motor vehicle search ahead of the first date. She’s certainly fun and playful, but her gossipy style concerns you.

4. Putz

Oy vey! This is the worst date to go back to Mom or Dad with, although your friends will eagerly listen to the story about your first date with a putz. While putz usually refers to men, quite a few women could fall in this category as well, in my humble opinion.

The putz is piggish and rude, all while ogling you non-stop. The putz talks constantly of himself, and shows up late. The putz makes vulgar comments and has you bargaining with G-d that if he’ll ends this date early, you promise never to complain about being single again.

The female putz wracks up the bill and clearly has no interest in you. She grills you for information on your salary and past relationships, and tells you by the time dessert is served that she’s looking to get married – NOW. The female putz is late and looks at her cell phone constantly. Sadly, a date with a putz is always a dud.

5. Bubbe
This grandmotherly type of lady makes you feel at home and ease, but you don’t quite get that sexy feeling from this first date. She’s certainly sweet and you think she would make a mean matzo ball soup, but she reminds you a little too much of your mother.

What kind of date did you have most recently? Use your Yiddish to put a creative spin on it!

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