Did Mom always hope you’d end up with a “nice Jewish boy?” Maybe she was right all along. There are countless women looking for good guys with morals, class and wit. This makes nice Jewish guys perfect partners in more ways than one. Check out six reasons nice guys don’t finish last, especially if they’re Jewish!

1. He’s Well-Read
Even if they don’t enjoy reading and they barely passed Hebrew school, the nice Jewish guy is well-read. Seriously, what is sexier than that? He will most likely send you well-written text messages without many (if any) grammatical mistakes, and he’ll even sound like a gentleman! That’s definitely a rarity in the dating world these days.

2. He’s Funny
I have yet to meet a nice Jewish guy who couldn’t crack a decent joke or two. My dad was my first introduction to the funny Jewish guy; he always makes people laugh. If a guy is funny and can laugh at himself, he just might be a keeper. Whether it’s dry wit, sarcasm or goofiness, the nice Jewish guy is funny or, at the very least, knows what’s funny and what’s not.

3. He’s Good With Taxes
I owed the IRS money for the first time this year and I cried for at least a day. Thankfully, I had a nice Jewish guy do my taxes so I know I ended up getting the best possible scenario for my finances. Even if your nice Jewish guy doesn’t understand much about 1040s and deductions, there’s a good chance he knows someone who does. More importantly, he manages his own money the smart way.

4. He Has Great Values
A nice Jewish guy has values of steel. He honors his family, spends time with them and makes them a priority. Hard work is also a given; he never shies away from putting in the effort it takes, whether it’s at work or in his relationships. He values you like he values himself, which is highly, and that’s a great thing.

5. He Respects His Mom
One of the best things about a nice Jewish guy is that he respects his mom – even if he doesn’t always agree with her. While there’s definitely a stereotype of the nagging Jewish mother, a good Jewish guy will appreciate that his mom is strong, caring and unafraid to speak her mind. The fact that he cherishes and honors the role his mother plays in his life means he’ll cherish and honor you as a partner as well.

6. He’s Chosen
In case I needed to remind you, nice Jewish guys are already special because they’re one of the chosen people. Being chosen is pretty sweet. It’s simply the cherry on top of the many reasons that nice Jewish guys are so great. How in the heck do you top that? You can’t!

Put your stereotypes aside about the geeky Jewish nice guy away; this man isn’t anything like the nebbish stereotype. On the contrary, a nice Jewish guy is exactly what the doctor (and Mom) ordered and, having had my share of the not-so-nice guys, I can tell you that with full truth and assurance!

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