Creative outdoor dates are easiest in the warm months of the year. You have the long nights and the warm evenings for strolls, picnics and water activities. And then the leaves begin to turn and the weather cools and fall becomes slightly more challenging. But the cool weather is perfect for going outdoors and taking a hike, which is perfect since National Take a Hike Day takes place on November 17.

In the cold months, most dates turn into movies at the multiplex, dinners out or watching Netflix at home. There is the occasional glass of wine by the fire, but that, too, can become predictable and boring. So as we head into winter, take a little inspiration from National Take a Hike Day to enjoy the great outdoors with that special someone. Here are seven out-of-the-box date ideas to boost your date night creativity and find fun ways to get some fresh air even if it’s rather cold out.

1. Outdoor Fire & S’mores

You don’t have to go camping to have a bonfire. You can bundle up, have hot chocolate, make s’mores and sit under the stars by your outdoor fire pit.

2. Hike In The Cold

If you have the right gear, there is no reason that you can’t hit your favorite hiking trail or stroll in a wooded area on a brisk day with the sun shining. It can even be more beautiful and fun if there is fresh snow on the ground. Don’t forget to pack a warm drink like hot cocoa or cider to share with your partner.

3. Play In The Snow

It really is fun to enjoy an activity that you haven’t done since you were a kid. So, make a snowman, build an igloo or have a snowball fight. You can bring really great accessories for the snowman or purchase a snow block maker and make well formed bricks for the igloo.

4. Enjoy A Fall Or Winter Picnic

It’s the same as your summer picnic, but with a few extra preparations to keep warm. Plastic ground cover, blankets, warm foods and a hot toddy are essential. Choose a really scenic place which offers a great view of your city or town.

5. Go Camping

You just need to get the right gear and you can have a blast. Your days can include lots of outdoor activities like hiking or snowshoeing, and your evenings can include cooking, listening to music and warming yourselves by the fire.

6. Sledding Or Tobogganing

Some summer activity locations (lodges, water parks, campgrounds, etc.) gear up for winter fun by offering hills for sledding and tobogganing. Take the drive and enjoy a day of outdoor activities. You can probably rent equipment and experience activities that hard to do in the city like skating on frozen ponds, cross country skiing and other unique opportunities.

7. Take It Indoors

Sometimes, it’s simply too cold to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. In that case, bring your date inside and make a winter soup together. Have an indoor picnic and watch a movie that takes place in wilderness to satisfy your craving for an adventure.

With a little creativity, you can woo your date with your adventurous nature and fun attitude. Will you venture outside with your sweetie for National Take A Hike Day?

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