Why 90?? 18 x 5=90! We love chai that much.

  1. My date’s in an hour!
  2. Where are we going again?
  3. Was it Dinner?
  4. Kosher?
  5. *Checks JDate profile*
  6. Expensive?
  7. Easy though…
  8. Maybe.
  9. I have been wanting to see that movie…
  10. Does it say if she likes action/comedies?
  11. *Checks JDate again*
  12. Of course it doesn’t.
  13. Am I romantic?
  14. I think I can be…
  15. Ehhh…
  16. She said yes, right?
  17. I should double check.
  18. *Checks JDate again*
  19. Phew.
  20. What’s her name again?
  21. Sarah… classic.
  22. She’s cute/hot/WOW!
  23. Catfish?
  24. Nahhhh
  25. Should I bring a condom?
  26. No…
  27. Yes?
  28. No.
  29. Ok.
  30. Do I have cash?
  31. Nope.
  32. I should pay though.
  33. *Checks bank account*
  34. Maybe she’ll offer to split?
  35. What do I do if she does?!?
  36. Groupon?
  37. Ehhh…
  38. I’ll be chivalrous and pay.
  39. Yeah, I’m a MAN!
  40. *Looks in mirror*
  41. *Does 10 pushups*
  42. *Looks in mirror again*
  43. Nooice.
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  1. What do I wear?!?
  2. Is she one of those super-trendy girls?
  4. Modesty? Snius (covers her knees and elbows)?
  5. *Checks pictures*
  6. I still don’t know.
  7. I want to look like it didn’t take me long to put this outfit together. Like “I just threw this on,” but I didn’t really.
  8. Button-down or T-Shirt?
  9. I really like this t-shirt though.
  10. Button-down.
  11. Jeans?
  12. Of course jeans.
  13. Tucked in or untucked?
  14. Which makes me look buffer?
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  1. Shoes?
  2. Casual, but not too casual.
  3. Converse?
  4. Probably not.
  5. I’m set… I guess.
  6. Damn it. Boxers or briefs?
  7. Lucky ones?
  8. Wait! This could be my future wife!
  9. Holy crap.
  10. Babies?
  11. I like babies…
  12. Be cool. Be cool. Be cool. I AM COOL!
  14. What time is it?
  15. Do I have gum?
  16. Of course not.
  17. Tic Tac?
  18. Hahaha…. no.
  19. If it goes well, will I kiss her?
  20. Not with this breath!
  21. I’ll stay away from onions just in case…
  22. Deodorant or cologne?
  23. I’m going to smell GOOD!
  24. F***. I’m running late.
  25. Umm… what are we going to talk about?!?
  26. Politics?
  27. Ehhh… Probably not.
  28. No time. I’ll figure it out there.
  29. I’ll take a shot of Fireball to calm the nerves.
  30. Maybe it’ll give me good breath… cinnamon and spice.
  31. Sounds about right.
  32. *Checks JDate one last time and then head’s out the door.*

*45 minutes later*

  1. Did I lock the door?!?
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And all that’s before the date!

Good Luck
Credit: Giphy.com
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