You spent two hours reading his or her profile, exchanging emails and having a few quick phone calls as you made plans. Then you spent an hour getting ready, a half an hour getting to the restaurant, and three hours on the date. Then why, six and a half hours later, can you not remember anything about the date? Sure, you can remember the food and you recall that your date was a blonde (or brunette, or short or tall, etc) but there is nothing special about your date that sticks in your mind. Did you not ask enough questions? Did you not lead the conversation somewhere interesting? What attracted you to this person in the first place and why did you not capitalize on that? If you did try all of the above and still the date went nowhere then it was just a dud date and you need to move on. But if you just sat there and hoped your date would do all the work then you need to wake up and make more of an effort if you don’t want to be single forever.

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