The gym is an awesome place to meet someone. You already know the following: you have similar schedules since you’re at the gym at the same time; you both are committed to health and fitness; you have seen each other sweaty and in spandex sans makeup or hairdo; you most likely live in the same general vicinity. So that means you should buy good workout clothes rather than the torn shirt from the 5K you ran in high school or the threadbare sports bra which isn’t really supporting the girls anyway. It means you should make eye contact with people and smile rather than stare into space with a grimace on your face. It means getting your smoothie or protein shake at the gym rather than running home immediately afterwards. The gym is a great place to meet someone but so is any other place that you regularly attend. You just need to learn how to take advantage of every situation, such as the cafe where you work with your laptop — look up every once in a while and make eye contact; an airplane — keep the volume on your headphones low so you can join in a conversation; the supermarket — change out of your sweats and into jeans before walking the aisles.

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