Dear GemsfromJen,
I have read a few blogs of a similar nature…….why don’t I get many responses. Is there a mentor or coach who could critique my technique?

I am just looking for a nice Jewish girl.

Dear A little Assistance,

I would be happy to look at your profile. Go ahead and send the link to me under ask our expert a question. Before I look at your profile go through it and read it carefully.  Are you being too rigid in what it is you are looking for? Some women will pass right by a profile that leaves no room for compromise. Are you making sure that your profile describes who you are in a positive way? If your profile appears pessimistic, change it.  Most people are attracted to someone who views the glass as half full. Are you being too general in what it is you are searching for? A lot of women tend to view generalities as not having a true direction. It is a fine line between generalities and specifics when creating a profile. Make a list of the items you are unwilling to compromise about and keep only those as specifics. This way you come across as being flexible with a strong character. This, in my opinion, is a very attractive quality.
Are your pictures up to date? Do they allow your personality to shine through? If your profile states that you love the outdoors and your pictures show you only sitting at a desk that it can come across as incongruent.
 I look forward to viewing your profile. I hope to hear back from you soon!
 Gems from Jen