Lately, it seems that guys are taking dating to a whole other level, literally. Sky high hotel lounges and rooftop bars have been increasingly trendy among the L.A. crowd looking to rise above the insanity that is the Sunset Strip. Now that the traditional dinner and a movie date has not so regrettably been replaced by schmoozing over martinis, the hunt for that perfect place to sip is on, and the sweetest spot so far seems to be sky high. Downing Manhattans above the city is an ideal way to “go out,” and so far my favorite alternative to clubs like Area or My House, which are filled with 500 of your closest complete strangers. These little slices of heaven are the perfect way to log in a little one-on-one time with whoever you’re meeting on top of the world. While you two are enjoying the crystal clear view of cloud nine, you can take comfort in the fact that it’s only a five second elevator ride back down to earth. So, if the sweet serenade of chaos on Hollywood and Highland just isn’t your idea of nirvana, uplift yourself, your spirits, and your date with a view from the top. Here’s a teeny tiny tip: check out those boutique hotels scattered throughout the city; they have a great vibe and an endless supply of eye candy to go along with your cocktail.