Three and a half years ago I met my soul mate thanks to JDate!

Having dated a lot in college, I was sick of the dating scene.  I was weary of JDate at first, a little skeptical of the likelihood of meeting one’s future husband through the internet.  However, having known some friends who raved about the site, I figured I should at least give it a chance. 

Edo had added me to his “hot list” and I was extremely flattered. Our first meeting was simple, some coffee and homemade zucchini cookies, but our conversation provided hours of excitement. 

Our second date involved meeting Edo’s entire Israeli family!  I, an American with just a few years of Hebrew school behind me, was a bit lost in the conversation, but the smiles and excitement that Edo had brought home a nice Jewish girl with an Israeli name made me an instant hit. Seeing how loving Edo was with his family changed him quickly from a “guy I met on the internet” into a genuine family man with such caring qualities.

Edo and I quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend and kept our relationship strong, even when Edo had to move out of state for work. Upon my graduation from Graduate school, Edo asked me to move in with him, and a few months later to be his wife.

Edo is not only my husband, he is my best friend. I couldn’t have asked for a person who completes me better. I am so thankful for JDate to have helped me find the man that I could not have lived without.

Adina and Edo
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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