Seth had seen that I was online and decided to IM me (that was his preferred method of contacting girls). We chatted for a long time about life, our friends, families, professions, music, etc. We went out for a drink in my neighborhood the following week, but I tried to get out of it at the last minute. I was leaving for DC early the next morning and my eye was also bothering me that day. Seriously, what guy wants to go out with a girl who may even think for a second that she has pink eye?

Seth didn’t appreciate the idea that I was backing out at the last minute and kindly told me that he thought I should take out my contacts and put on my glasses. Also, since Seth is in the medical field, he said that he would take a look at my eye to see if it was infected. Seth said, “Come on. Have one drink. I’ll take a look at your eye and if it’s infected, I’ll write you a script.” Nonetheless, he convinced me.

So, we went down the street and had a couple of drinks. I had a beer and Seth had his usual “Ketel and Seven.” I immediately liked him. Still, we needed a second date in order for the sparks to fly. We went out again the following week and had an awesome time! Never was there a time when I questioned his character or how good of a person he truly is.

We got engaged a year later in December of 2011 in a very surprising way. You see, we had not yet said those three little words, “I love you.” When Seth told me he loved me, he also asked me to marry him. I was quite shocked, but also so excited to spend the rest of my life with him. We were married on March 10, 2012.

Alexis + Seth from Fig Media on Vimeo.

We appreciate so much that JDate brought us together. We have never been so happy in our lives. Love is great and marriage has been really wonderful so far. Thank you JDate!

Alexis and Seth
Chicago, Illinois

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