A late Saturday evening back in September 2011, Glen sent a JDate message to Alison all the way from Tallahassee, FL to Atlanta, GA. Glen was sure there was something about the girl in those pictures with the beautiful red hair. He had a feeling that she was “The One.” Alison laughed when Glen expressed these sentiments, but secretly wondered if he was right. After a hopeful and positive Glen convinced a skeptical Alison to continue to talk to him, 50 hours on the phone later, Glen came to visit. He chivalrously visited two more times before Alison finally agreed to go visit him in Tallahassee.

Aside from dealing with the distance, Glen’s work schedule, the fact that Alison would only fly (she can’t drive longer than two hours), and being sleep deprived for many months, a wonderful, blissful, and loving relationship was formed. The couple continued to take turns visiting each other in their respective cities, getting to know each other’s friends and family, and fell deeply in love.

At a pizza place in Tallahassee one evening, Glen took Alison’s hand and told her he knew he would spend the rest of his life with her and that they would be together forever. Shortly after, Glen and Alison decided they had to be together and Glen made the selfless decision to leave his entire life in Tallahassee to be with Alison in Atlanta. A few months later, Glen packed up his home, and with Mr. Magoo (his pet) by his side, they left the city they knew and loved as they headed towards their new place in Atlanta to start a new life with Alison.

Being together all of the time was a dream. There was no more anxiety about when they would be seeing each other again, and no more hoarding Delta Sky Miles (thanks to Alison’s mom and dad for donating so many miles to the cause). Alison grew accustomed to Mr. Magoo and eventually fell in love with him. Glen had a similar transition with his feelings towards Atlanta.

Just when Glen started to feel at home in Atlanta, and the two were finally settled into living together, a new job took Glen to Boston for 10 weeks of training. This distance was no match for Alison and Glen; it just gave them an opportunity to spend more time with all of Alison’s family and friends from home.  Glen’s time in Boston ended quickly and they were soon reunited again.

A few months later, Glen encouraged Alison to plan an upcoming birthday weekend for him. Alison made plans for a romantic “staycation.” To her surprise, she was woken up early that Saturday, March 16, 2013 to Glen yelling for her from the other room. In a sleepy haze, Alison went to the other room and found Glen on his knee, surrounded by 30 beautiful birds of paradise, where he asked the question that will forever change their lives. Glen asked Alison if she would marry him and she said yes!

Glen and Alison are so excited to spend the rest of their lives together. Thanks JDate for being a part of their story!

Alison and Glen
Atlanta, Georgia

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