Kenny and Alissa met through JDate in May of 2010. Alissa liked Kenny’s profile because his pictures depicted a person who traveled often. To her, this meant that he was worldly and successful. His profile did not have any information in it; she solely decided to talk to him based on his pictures!

Kenny does not remember why he was attracted to Alissa’s profile on the site. They spoke on the phone for a while and realized they had a lot to talk about and planned to meet. Their first meeting was in the hotel lobby of a hotel Alissa’s friend was staying at on a visit to New York. Alissa almost canceled with Kenny. However, due to Kenny’s chill attitude, Alissa decided to keep the date with him.

When the two first met, Kenny found Alissa sitting on a nice, comfy chair in the lobby, she was playing Tetris on her iPod touch. This sparked a conversation about phones and the discussion flowed very nicely. After some chatting, Kenny suggested they walk around the city. This suggestion led to a visit to Washington Square Park, his apartment in Union Square, and a nice Italian dinner! Their meeting turned into an all-day date! Kenny later walked Alissa to the QM2 bus so she could get back to her apartment in Whitestone, and she knew she would be excited to see him again.

One year later, Kenny decided to leave New York City to move into Alissa’s apartment in Whitestone. Two weeks after Kenny moved in, he started to have symptoms of numbness and lack of balance which led him to an emergency visit to the hospital. With this visit, the two learned Kenny had experienced multiple strokes over the course of some time.

After that Kenny stayed in the hospital for several weeks while undergoing testing to determine what was causing the strokes. He had nearly every test that could possibly be done when he was finally diagnosed with a condition called eosinophilia. While being treated by a variety of doctors, Kenny was also accepted to be in a study at the National Institute of Health. Thanks to the care he received, Kenny has been able to keep his condition under control. Through all of these tests and hard times, Alissa and Kenny were still able to enjoy their time together through dining, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and family.

Kenny had to move back to New York City as he can no longer drive due to his sensory impairments and needed to be able to travel to both of his offices in the city and Weehawken, New Jersey in a hassle-free way. So, Alissa made the best decision she could and moved with him.

Kenny and Alissa have become best friends and are true soul mates. They complement each other and balance each other out. They have experienced so much together and all that matters to them is that they are beside each other during all of the good times — and the bad times. Together they have even creating a small vegan ice cream company called Alissa’s Treats!

Kenny took Alissa to Italy in October of 2012 and proposed to her in Venice! Alissa and Kenny are getting married on November 12, 2013!

Alissa and Kenny
New York, New York

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  1. I am so happy that Alissa and Kenny met each other. They both have such a wonderful spirit, and deserve to be happy. I’m glad that fate in the form of JDate brought them together. It my pleasure to be great friends with Alissa and now her future husband Kenny.

    Peace Love Unity Respect

  2. How awesome! What a terrific story–may your love only be sweeter and sweeter! (hope to try Alissa’s Treats soon) Thank you for sharing your story and Mazel Tov!

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