I decided to give JDate a chance. Why not? I figured it couldn’t hurt. I was having no luck meeting guys, and some friends of mine were trying it as well. So, with the encouragement of my parents, I signed up for JDate in June of 2010 to see what was out there. Some dates were okay, some were not okay (one will forever be my favorite story to tell at parties), but there was no one I had a connection with overall. After about eight months of on-and-off dates, I decided to give JDate ONE MORE CHANCE.

One Sunday night I signed on to my JDate account and had a note in my inbox from a guy named Dave. He looked cute and oddly familiar. He told me he was a chef in NYC, and that he had a newborn nephew named Dylan. How funny! I immediately wrote him back saying that I just wrapped the casting for the show Chopped on The Food Network and that I had a newborn nephew named Dylan also! A few more emails were exchanged, then a couple of phone calls, and then we decided to meet. Okay, I thought, this is the last JDate I am going on, and then I am cancelling my account!

success-allison-david-tmb2We decided to meet on March 3, 2011. Dave said he would pick me up in front of my office: The Fox Building in midtown (where he ended up proposing to me two years later).  I was so nervous; I kept running to the bathroom to check my makeup and to see how my sweater looked. Before I knew it, I received a text saying he was downstairs.

When I walked out the front doors of the building, the first thing I saw was Dave’s smiling face. We immediately hugged and from that moment on the night was perfect. We went to a bar around the corner called The Aspen Social Club where we sat on a comfy couch, ordered a drink, eventually ate some food, and got to know each other.

Needless to say, we hit it off. By the end of the night, Dave and I had our first kiss and were already making plans for our second date.

Fast-forward three years – Dave and I just got married and returned from our fabulous honeymoon in Italy. Thank you JDate!

Allison and David
Hoboken, New Jersey

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