About the Soon-To-Be Mrs.

Allison grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey. She attended Ramapo College of New Jersey where she received her education certification and BS in Psychology. She currently works in a middle school where she teaches Computer Technology and Robotics. She loves spending time with her family and friends.

About the Lucky Mr.

Eric grew up in Monroe, New Jersey. He attended Rutgers University where he received his BS in Plant Biology. He is currently working towards his PhD in Plant Biology. Eric’s focus is on turf grass breeding. Eric loves golfing and various other hobbies.

How They Met:

Eric and I are started talking right when I joined JDate. We hit it off immediately. We spoke on the phone the same night we met online and then met each other the following day. Our first date was in a coffee shop where we were the last customers – they practically had to ask us to leave! Our first date lasted about four hours! Since then, we have seen each other every day. We complement one another and know that we can lean on the other. Eric and I had such great chemistry right from the start. We were so eager to get to know each other and spent so many nights staying up just talking and listening to each other’s stories. Early on, we realized we were in the same preschool and Hebrew school class when we were younger; what a small world! Eric and I knew right away we were perfect for each other. We are so excited to get married and spend our lives together.

What made our story successful was being 100% completely open with each other. Neither of us want to play games or wait around; we knew how we felt about one another and were very upfront about our feelings and our expectations. One very strong aspect of our relationship is communication, and that characteristic has been a part of us from the very beginning. If you are thinking about starting to date someone you met online, we think it is very important to know and understand what the other person wants. We also were very into asking questions about the other person (likes, dislikes, previous relationships). We both felt very comfortable with each other from the beginning so these topics were very easy to talk about.

Allison and Eric
East Brunswick, New Jersey

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