It was a combination of fate and JDate that brought us together.

My mom was very convincing of the fact that I should try online dating, and even bought me a few books about the subject that she had pre-read, highlighted and sticky tabbed. I created a JDate profile since I was in the process of moving back to Florida and knew quite a few sorority sisters that met their husbands on the site. Little did I know I would be living less than a mile away from my future husband, and we didn’t even know it.

Amanda hugging David.On October 3, 2014 we met in person and had our first real date. A date that started as a quick lunch while my car was in the shop, and then turned into an all-day adventure on the lake, lasting until dinner. We instantly clicked and knew this was the real deal. I called my mom early the next morning and told her, “He’s perfect; I know I’m going to marry him.”

So many signs appeared over the first few days, and our connection grew quickly and easily, turning into love. JDate connected two people that were meant to be together when they otherwise never would have crossed paths.

On February 15, 2015 Dave planned a perfect proposal in front of both of our families (even making sure my nails were painted that day). Thanks to JDate we are now engaged and planning our perfect Jewish wedding!

Amanda and David
Palm Harbor, Florida

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