The Secret Admirer heart lit up the second Amanda clicked on it! Oh G-d, she thought, he clicked on me too! She was a little nervous, but also very happy because some of the dates she had gone on before were less than stellar.

Within a day, Amanda had IM’d me and we were talking. Within a week (and after talking on the phone and exchanging more photos via email) we decided to meet for a date. I picked her up in NW Washington, D.C. and we drove to Gravelly Park in Virginia. The entire time I could see her watching me as I drove, which I took as a good thing. Or was she looking at all my imperfections?

The date went exceptionally well and when I dropped her off, I asked if she’d like to go out again the next day. Before I could finish the question, she had said yes!

We went out many more times, both moved to Boston and eventually moved in together. We are now planning our wedding for August of 2012. This could not be a more perfect relationship and I have to thank a special friend who recommended I try JDate in the first place, but most of all Amanda who is the love of my life and whom I could not picture spending it with anyone else in the world!

Amanda and Josh
Somerville, Massachusetts

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