Love at First Latte?

Sometimes a series of incongruous events can result in blissful serendipity… but how could we know where that coffee date in July 2007 would lead?  After dating a seemingly endless parade of frogs from a variety of online dating sites for several years, I finally caved and joined JDate. 

One afternoon, I came across the profile of AMPern101 and immediately was drawn in by his warm smile.  It was the type of smile that says “Small children and animals love me” and promised a hearty laugh at the end of a good joke.  We corresponded and, when we realized we lived only a few short miles away, we agreed to meet at a Starbucks between our apartments. 

When I walked in, he was tall, casually dressed in a NY Jets jersey and baseball cap.  He got a mocha; I got a chai. First-date banter ensued and, when we left, I had butterflies; he didn’t.  His friend convinced him to give me a second date … that maybe he wasn’t giving me a fair chance.  Coffee led to dinner, dinner led to a weekend away.  I grew to appreciate his witty sarcasm and warm hugs while he grew to enjoy my selfless nature and backrubs. 

One evening, after a particularly brutal day when I lost my job, I called him over to my apartment to cheer me up.  On the way over, his car was hit by a reckless driver and totaled.  He called to tell me he was being loaded onto an ambulance on his way to the hospital.  I stayed by his side all night in the ER crying for him, and listening to him cry for me.  It was a particularly low point for both of us and yet, somehow, amidst all the tears, we fell in love.  That was over three years ago.  We are now married, with new jobs, a new home and a renewed appreciation for the strength we draw from each other… Ani L’Dodi, v’Dodi Li

Amy and Andrew
Centreville, Virginia

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