I joined JDate as a Mother’s Day present for my mom. I was looking for a nice, Jewish girl and went out on a few dates, but didn’t have much luck.

There was only one day left on my JDate subscription when I saw a cute photo for a JDater® named NurseAmy82 (a cute blonde girl), so I shot her an email explaining how my subscription was ending and if she wanted to reach out, how she could get in touch with me.

We ended up chatting for a week online and eventually met up on a Thursday night. She was out with her girlfriends in Santa Monica and I was just finishing up a night of karaoke. We met right before last call in a bar, chatted for a bit and kept seeing each other over the following few days.

The two of us dated for a few months and then became boyfriend/girlfriend at a friend’s wedding in Monterey, CA. Since then we’ve grown as a couple and I proposed to her on January 2, 2012. We are now planning to be married on May 4, 2013.

Amy and Jason
Los Angeles, California

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