Matt and I had both been on and off JDate for about five years and not had any lasting luck.  I had met a lot of nice guys that became my good friends, but hadn’t found “Mr. Right.” Although I wasn’t sure of the exact requirements of my Mr. Right, I knew he hadn’t come along yet and I was getting tired of trying to find him.

Matt went on JDate as a request from his mother and sporadically renewed his account.  He had met some nice girls, but moved around over the years and at the time was living in Florence, Kentucky.  He had yet to meet “The One” and little did he know she would show up on JDate.

After being in a long and unsuccessful relationship, I decided to take some time for myself and figure out what I really wanted.  I made the decision to renew my membership for another month and see if there were any new men in the Columbus area.  Much to my disappointment, it seemed that all the men in Columbus kept being recycled over the past five years and I didn’t see any new faces.

One evening, I decided to expand my search farther outside of Columbus, Ohio.  One of the first profiles that popped up was a man wearing a John Deer hat who happened to live in Kentucky.  My first thought was a Jewish guy from Kentucky who is possibly a farmer: impossible.  Obviously, I had to read his profile and see what kind of joke he was playing on us single Jewish girls.  After reading his profile, I realized he was the real thing and was not a fraud to the JDate world.  I left it at that, logged off and did not log back on for a couple of days.

When I logged back on later in the week, I was alerted that I had an email.  Matt saw that I looked at his profile so he decided to email me (thank G-d I didn’t block this function in my preferences).  He only saw women in a 40 mile radius and had never seen my profile before.  He was a little skeptical that I lived so far away, but he decided to send me a message anyway. 

We emailed each other twice between a Saturday and Sunday and with the last email, I gave him my phone number.  I was used to men calling immediately and when he didn’t call me Sunday night, I figured he wasn’t interested.  Then came Monday night and I received a surprising call from Matt.  We talked for three hours that night and seemed to have a lot in common.  We ended up talking every night that week and agreed to get together that coming Saturday.  He even offered to drive all the way to Columbus to meet me, which I thought was really sweet.  We met at a restaurant close to my house and hit it off wonderfully.  We ended up spending the rest of the weekend together and he invited me to come to visit him the following weekend.

Eleven months later, Matt and I had been in a wonderful relationship commuting back and forth each weekend.  We hadn’t gone more than a week without seeing each other and we were so happy.  We had started discussing marriage and went looking for rings.  I was sure he was going to propose on our one year anniversary, but I guess he couldn’t wait.

It was two days before our 11 month anniversary and Matt came to Columbus to visit me.  Matt and I had been talking about our JDate emails and were very upset that neither one of us managed to save or copy what we had sent to each other.  I decided to call JDate and see if I could gain access so I would be able to save our emails for the future.  They granted me access and I was able to save a piece of our history.  Little did I know this day would become even more special…

We went to dinner at a little Middle Eastern dive in Columbus at a recommendation of a friend.  We came back to my place and I got ready for bed.  When I came out of the room, Matt was nowhere to be found and I tried to find him.  He yelled down that he was getting some water.  I was ready to watch a movie when Matt walked downstairs with his hand behind his back.  He took my hand and asked me to be his wife in my living room, while I was wearing my pajamas!  The best part about the whole night is that I had no clue he was going to surprise me.

We are currently planning our wedding for May of 2011 and we couldn’t be happier.  Although JDate was not a success for either of us initially, time and patience paid off.  We want to thank JDate for joining us together and giving us an opportunity to find our soul mate.

Amy (amfigmenty) and Matt (matt924)
Columbus, Ohio and Florence, Kentucky

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  1. Matt and Amy, we are so happy for yall! Can’t wait to come to meet you Amy, and see you Matt! Love yall, and I couldn’t be any more happy for the two of you.


  2. Ams! And Matt! Yay! I adore you two and I cannot wait to celebrate your new life together soon.

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