It’s impossible to turn on the television without hearing about Tiger Woods or Jesse James. I think the most shocking part of the story is Jesse James seemed to have chosen the “perfect woman.” Obviously, he didn’t. The part that gets me is these other women coming out of the wood-work. I know I have wondered why someone would want to be a mistress.  What’s in it for them? How can we as women avoid this pitfall?  I’m not naive, I know it happens every day, but it usually turns out to be a negative experience for all parties involved.

It has been my experience that these other women are looking to fill a void in their lives.  If you have ever had an affair or are considering the possibility, keep in mind there are probably more issues going on than you are aware. My best suggestion is to consider the pay-off. What exactly can you get out of a man who has a number one woman in his life? Remember to consider the consequences of engaging in this type of behavior and keep in mind you deserve to be happy with someone who loves you and only you.