Jon and I talked on the phone July 12, 2010. We had a long conversation about pretty much everything and after we realized we had been on the phone over three hours, we decided to meet for a drink the next day.

While I was at the bar anxiously awaiting to meet him, my fears became quickly settled once we started talking.  We both knew then just how much we had in common.  As we continued to laugh and talk, the night ended too quickly and we were asked to leave as the bar was closing.  We made another date that Friday to be together in Falmouth, Cape Cod.

Our relationship became strong pretty quickly after the first few dates.  After realizing that we both went to the same temple and youth groups, we just had so much in common.  The months progressed nicely and after six months we introduced our kids to one another. We both felt it was right and we had the same feelings.

The kids all quickly became friends and again that made us know how perfect we would all be together. After three years, Jon had a massive heart attack while we were on vacation in Nantucket.  We had to be med flighted to Mass General! I was never so afraid, scared and sad. I didn’t know what to expect. When the doctor said they had to put a stent in his main artery and he was lucky to be alive, I knew then we had to enjoy each and every moment we had together from then on.

Two months later, Jon proposed to me on his boat in Falmouth with a plane flying over us saying, “Andrea will you marry me?”  I was shocked and just so excited to know that we would be together forever. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne and then as a surprise to me, a limo picked us up for an amazing romantic dinner!  What a fairy tale proposal!  Our wedding day is planned for July 22, 2014 in Hawaii and we’ll be there for two weeks.

This was the one and only time I did JDate and it became a dream come true. Thank you JDate for letting us have such a wonderful life to look forward to.

Andrea and Jon
Ashland, Massachusetts

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  1. Dearest Andrea and Jon:

    Congratulations for sharing the lifetime achievement of love and marriage!

    Best Wishes in 2014′ and thereafter

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