Two years ago, after a long relationship, I was single again.  I had dabbled in dating for the past year since my previous boyfriend called it off, but I hadn’t had much luck.  So, having decided it would be really nice to end up with a fellow Jew in the long run, I took a chance with something I had never done before—I paid for a dating site!  I only meant to sign up for one month…unfortunately (which turned out to be fortunate, after all!) I didn’t realize that my subscription was set to automatically renew so I was actually signed on for a 2nd month! During these two months, I conversed with a handful guys who really liked me, but I was iffy on them despite trying my best to remain open minded.

At the end of the 2nd month, I tried to cancel my subscription and yet somehow didn’t do it properly and was charged for, yet again, a 3rd month!  It was during this time that I got my first email from Derek.  I had been going on a handful of dates with another JDate guy at this point but I was curious and wrote back to this new guy.  While I explained the situation and I did almost scared him away!  But he took a chance and after a few more getting-to-know-you emails, insisted we meet in person before we went any further.

I am so glad we did!  Our first date was in Downtown Disney® at Walt Disney World®.  We walked and talked and went to lunch at Wolfgang Express.  We walked and talked and decided to catch a movie. Then we walked and talked some more until we realized it was dinner time, so we went to a Mexican restaurant.  All together, our first date lasted 8 hours!

Shortly after I got home that night, I received a text from Derek saying that he had a good time and was looking forward to seeing me again.  Not long after that, I politely informed the other guy it wasn’t going to work! 

This week, we celebrate two years since our first date and our wedding is now set for November!

But it gets better!  On the same day that Derek and I had our marathon first date in Orlando, his sister Alexis had her first date with Andrew in NYC. By coincidence, they had also met on JDate.  Alexis and Andrew married last November on almost the same date we will wed this year!

Angela and Derek
Orlando, Florida

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