I guess you get a lot of JDate Success Stories on a weekly basis, but hopefully ours is one of the more unusual ones.

My name is Itamar and I’m from Israel. In June 2010, I moved to Toronto, Canada in the hope of starting a new chapter in my life. While I was there, I signed up for JDate in search of a local partner.

One day, after realizing Toronto was not the place I dreamed it was, I noticed my JDate profile had been checked by a beautiful Scottish girl named Anna. I wrote to her in the hope of being in touch with someone (I was quite lonely there).

She was a bit reluctant, but I managed to work my charm on her. On my way back from Toronto to Israel, I stopped in Edinburgh for a week, just to meet her face to face and to travel a bit. Another friend of mine met us in Edinburgh and the three of us got on like old school friends.

Later, in January 2011, Anna came to visit Israel and I showed her around. That’s when we decided this whole “long-distance” relationship thing might work. We continued to visit each other and on September 1st I popped the question, and guess what? She said YES!!

On April 1st, 2012, we got married in a Jewish ceremony led by Rabbi Mark Solomon from London. The wedding was held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. It was a wonderful day; the best day of my life! My family and close friends joined us for this special occasion. Even the notorious Scottish weather was in our favor and the sun kept shining throughout the ceremony and the evening air was warm (it started snowing the next evening). Plus, I proved on our wedding day that a kilt and a kippah do, in fact, match!

I have now moved to Scotland and can’t wait to start my life here with my new and beautiful wife.

Anna and Itamar
Edinburgh, Scotland

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  1. So glad to hear a story about a long distance relationship that grew and flourished. Congratulations.

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