Dear JDate,

cont-mt-anna-jonathanWe would love to tell you about our romance. We initially met last February when Jonathan (Sushiman67) wrote to me (GrooveLife1). Jonathan’s warm, inviting email was refreshing and hopeful to read, so I gladly responded. We had many interests in common, including an obvious passion for food, snowboarding and music, so our first phone conversation went on for hours.

Trying hard to not get invested in anyone too soon (I wanted to make sure that this time, it was for good), I was keeping busy dating several people and doing my usual activities, so we didn’t meet in person for three weeks. I was excited to meet Jonathan, but due to many previous let-downs, I was trying not to hope too much.

When we finally did meet, at a Russian Buddhist cafe, I was thrilled to see Jonathan walk in the door. I was instantly attracted to him and felt right at home discussing the menu and hypothesizing about the flavors in our food.

We went on a walk through the surrounding neighborhoods, and after checking out an open house for fun, I slipped on the steep stairs coming out and my sandal completely broke apart! Jonathan held my foot, repaired my sandal with some rubber bands borrowed from a nearby mailman, and we continued our date Cinderella-style. He quipped that this would be a great story to tell our grandchildren!

After that date, I was crazy about Jonathan, and my efforts to date other people and not hope too much that things would work out were in vain! I couldn’t keep my hands off of him, and our talks about any concerns we had and what we wanted in a partner were deep and satisfying. Finally, he told me that he was going to take his profile off of JDate, and I was so glad to tell him that I couldn’t wait to do the same.

We have been having a blast planning our wedding, finding our first house, and now eagerly diving into the snow! Attached is a picture of us two days before we got engaged.

Anna & Jonathan
Berkeley and Burlingame, California

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