Are you guilty of exhibiting some mom-like behavior towards your BF? Yes, women tend to have that “maternal instinct,” but no, that doesn’t mean you need to show your man your motherly ways. Ladies, this can be a serious turn-off and possibly even detrimental to your sex life, for obvious reasons that I probably shouldn’t state here. It’s totally okay to be caring and thoughtful; just be careful to not cross the line toward annoying, nagging mother. More than likely, your man already has one!

Dos and Don’ts

Not sure what constitutes mom-like behavior? Check out this list:

  • DO care for him when he’s sick (i.e. bring him meds and soup).
  • DO NOT ask him everytwo minutes how he’s feeling and if he needs anything.
  • DO give him style guidance if he needs it.
  • DO NOT tell him to bring a coat if he’s already decided he doesn’t want to bring one.
  • DO go to sleep with him.
  • DO NOT tell him when to go to sleep and that it’s “past his bedtime.”
  • DO make plans for you guys to go out with other couples and such.
  • DO NOT fill up his calendar with plans, leaving him no time to hang out with his friends.
  • DO have a mature conversation about things that might bother you.
  • DO NOT constantly bug him and nag him like his mama would.
  • DO call and text him when you’d like.
  • DO NOT incessantly call and text him all day long.
  • DO ask him if he’s okay if something seems wrong.
  • DO NOT repeatedly ask him if he’s okay throughout the day.

Sexy Time … Not So Sexy

I know I said I wouldn’t go there, but I feel it’s necessary to discuss briefly. If you are motherly to your boyfriend, please tell me how this would be a turn-on and get him “in the mood.” You can wear all the lingerie you want, but if he sees you remotely being authoritative in a motherly sense, I don’t believe you will be rounding any of the bases. Being authoritative in a sexy sense, though, is a different story.

At the end of the day, of course, mothers are wonderful and we love them, and we want our significant others to have a good relationship with theirs. The thing is, they don’t need another mother figure in their life (or if they do, it shouldn’t be you filling that void). Care about your man deeply and be there for him always, but just be careful about crossing that line. The second he starts seeing you acting similarly to his mother, it might not be a great thing for your relationship. I would love to hear what you think. Maybe some guys enjoy that motherly vibe from their girl? Boys, weigh in below in the comments! Let’s discuss.

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