So listen, I have a lot of hobbies: krav maga, ice skating, eating, and rationalizing for dudes I should care less about. Well I have recently come to realize that this behavior is completely unacceptable, and clearly, a guy I have to justify for is simply not worth it. I tell my friends the same BS all the time. The whole rant about independent women, you’re too good for him, he thinks flannel is the new black….and hello! If I just took my own advice I’d be a damn prophet! So my New Year’s resolution in July (because let’s face it – one resolution is NEVER enough) is to stop rationalizing for the various starving artists I fall for and drop them like they’re hot. Strength is the new black (because hello, unless you’re living in Seattle – flannel is NOT). Thus, the excuse “my phone died,” is no longer a valid form of date avoidance, and certainly not for the sole purpose that Mr. Clueless thinks it’s too late to make plans and is hoping you’ll just GPS yourself right over to his house instead of going through the hassle. Well let me tell you – I’d rather sit in 405 rush hour traffic in order to get to some g-d forsaken dive’s happy hour in lieu of making monsieur’s make-out wishes come true. So, in conclusion, things no longer on my list of things to do include being understanding for said lame excuses, in addition to deleting numbers like it’s going out of style. Queen was clearly before their time when they said “Another One Bites the Dust” – or maybe they were just dating in Hollyweird.