You have to be ready to find love at any time in any place. That means having your make-up done, hair brushed and clothes fitting at all times. It could be a contact coming in for a business meeting in your office — so make sure you’re always put together in a well-fitting suit. It could a new guy in your workout class — so make sure your workout clothes are, um, supportive. It could be a new neighbor in the elevator — so wear cute sweats at all times.  Just because you’re meeting your boys at the local dive to watch football doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change out of the shirt you wore to bed. Meeting your girls for Happy Hour after work? Remember to pack some items in the morning so you can freshen up first. You have to make the effort. Every time you leave the house is an opportunity. Make sure you capitalize on each one!

  1. Hm. So, when I go out in public I should make sure that I’m wearing make-up, that I look “cute,” that I am wearing a supportive bra, and that I look like I’ve just ‘freshened up.’ Why is this advice directed solely at women? We all know that women can be dismissive of men who dress poorly, are unshaven, and who wear day-old shirts. But let’s face it, while superficial qualities play a role in determining physical attraction, even paying utmost attention to our appearances, most of the time love happens despite how we look. In fact, it is a truism about love that it has to do with behaviour, gestures, eye contact –in short, the energy and inner connection felt by two people, which is entirely a separate matter from whether a woman appears in an elevator in “cute sweats.” I have a friend who met the love of her life for the first time when she was in a hospital bed recovering from a severe accident. Of course, proper grooming can project self-confidence and sensuality. But women should not have to feel that they need to capitalize on looks in order to attract the right type of man. Ladies –the kind of man you want won’t care.

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