Dating can bring out the worst in you, but luckily Yom Kippur gives us the opportunity to atone for our sins, decide not to act or think such a way again, and start anew.

What kind of sins are singles guilty of?

  1. Being judgmental for one — deciding that a guy or gal isn’t for us because of their looks or their job or their friends.
  2. Talking badly about others –whether it’s people you went on dates with or badmouthing someone to bond with a date.
  3. Lying — saying you are not what you are to impress someone (more successful, more popular, younger), or making something up to get out of a bad date.
  4. And of course there’s the drinking and sex that comes with dating.

This year, make a commitment to withhold judgment, to be honest, and to not allow dating to get the best of you.

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