Are you intimidated by a strong woman?

Would you not date a woman because she’s successful, outspoken and confident?

One of the most amazing women I know is a lion. She multitasks like crazy and she is respected in each of her arenas. She’s the ultimate go-getter. But when she’s talking to her husband, she’s a pussycat. She is so powerful in the boardroom, but at home she lets her husband be the man.

Another strong woman I know is smart as a whip, has a number of advanced degrees, is the youngest woman to make partner at her law firm and is super popular. But, she carries herself in a way that scares men off as she appears totally unapproachable. She is condescending, but it’s just a wall she puts up because she’s scared to get hurt. So she comes off as an aggressive bitch, but really, she’s not.

Women: you can’t treat men like opposing counsel. Have you heard the term “a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets?” It sounds funny, but it’s true. Men love that you can kick tush at work, but when you meet a man, he wants to see a sweetheart. Be yourself. I’m not telling you how to act, but be you when you’re with your grandparents, or with a puppy, or a baby, not when you’re objecting in the courtroom.

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