Are you intimidated by a successful man?

Would you let a man’s success make you feel like you’re not good enough for him?

I know a man who has conquered the businessworld and is well known not only in our community but nearly everywhere he goes. Women have always adored him as he is handsome and charming in addition to powerful, but women were also so completely intimidated by him that they didn’t even approach him. Finally, a woman with some cojones took her time getting to know him as a friend while still keeping enough about herself private that he was intrigued. At 41 years old, he is finally engaged.

I know a man who makes millions and he lets everyone know it.  And no woman will ever measure up but it’s not because he thinks he’s too good but because he’s too afraid she is with him for his money. The problem with that is he makes her feel that way too. He will have to trust someone, someday or be alone forever. Chances are he is not going to meet a woman with as much money as he but that doesn’t mean a woman is inferior or a golddigger for that matter.

Men: you’ve got the success, the money, the looks, but you’re single. You almost have everything – almost – but you’re the one keeping yourself from more. You will figure out if a woman is with you for your fame and fortune really quickly, just trust your instincts, but if you have to give them a chance first! Stop acting arrogant, or like you’re better than thou, just chill and be humble. Humble is hot.

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