Over the past few years, we have seen hundreds of couples share videos of their engagements for the world to see. We laugh, we cry, and we love to share that special moment with the happy couple.

JDate, the leading online Jewish singles community, is now calling all couples who met on JDate to submit a video of their proposal for the chance to be crowned JDate’s Next Top Proposal. If you are a JDate Success Story and have a video of your engagement or are willing to reenact it, head over to JDate’s Facebook page and enter your video for a chance to win a seven night all-inclusive stay at Breezes Bahamas.

If you are planning the big moment and need a little inspiration, here are my top five suggestions for seamlessly executing your proposal:

  1. Get family and friends involved: This is a milestone moment and it’s always fun when everyone   knows what’s about to take place except the one who is about to get proposed to (plus, your guests can help you plan!).
  2. Research rings: By now you should have some idea of your significant other’s style – for example, traditional or contemporary? Or, perhaps an heirloom would be a home run? The ring tells a lot about the recipient, so if you are struggling, pay close attention to how your future fiancée dresses, accessorizes and decorates and if all else fails, call the best friend.
  3. Capture it on film: Hire someone or get a friend you trust to video the proposal. Most likely you and your partner (similar to the wedding) won’t remember all the amazing details and what was said, so it makes sense to capture the happiness you felt when you both said yes to this new chapter.
  4. Don’t be a copy-cat: Yes, there are a lot of good proposal examples out there, (I’ve even shared a few below), but do something unique and authentic to you as a couple. If you hate musicals, then don’t incorporate a flash mob!
  5. Keep calm and marry on: If your significant other senses you are acting strange, they will either catch-on or think you are breaking-up with them. Neither is a good start to the perfect day, so have fun and be yourself—it’s why they fell in love with you in the first place.

To get your creative juices flowing here are my top five video proposal picks:

  1. Lip Dub Proposal – Who doesn’t love a good lip dub? This expertly choreographed proposal had me singing along until the very end.
  2. The Ellen Show Proposal – A proposal that involves Ellen DeGeneres is guaranteed to be amazing.
  3. The Ultimate NYC Proposal – JDate helped orchestrate this Times Square proposal where the couple took the Big Apple by surprise.
  4. Flash Mob Proposal – A lunch in Bryant Park turns into a flash mob, a marching band and tears of joy!
  5. Movie Trailer Proposal –Lights, camera, action! Watch as one man turns his love story into a movie trailer.

I can’t wait to see your proposal video submissions and add you to the top of my list!

Rachel is JDate’s Community Manager. She’s here to break down the rules of dating, share first date tips and offer words of encouragement when dating gets tough. Visit her Tumblr page for more insightful advice. Or, learn what makes Rachel tick by visiting her JDate profile!
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