I think it confuses women when, after we have been chatting online or texting, I tell them that I am going out of town for work. Furthermore, the fact that during our season I am seemingly in and out of town weekly is something that I’d imagine raises a red flag in many women’s minds.

Today I was trying to make plans for a first date with a woman I have met on JDate but I was forced to send the unfortunate, and rather embarrassing text, that not only was I unavailable for the rest of the week, but I wasn’t even going to be in town.

Some women, upon hearing that I was leaving on a Wednesday afternoon for Salt Lake City, and not returning until Friday evening, would probably take that as a sign of disinterest because, when I say it out loud, I can understand how it could be interpreted as an excuse to get out of making plans.

But it’s not an excuse; it’s one of the realities of my job. I travel during the season at random times, and literally all over the country (even Salt Lake City), which is something that not every woman I talk to is going to understand or even want to deal with.

However, when I really think about it, my situation really just speaks to the nature of dating, which is that we all have parts of our lives that the people closest to us have to deal with. My job, and subsequent travel schedule, is something that my significant other would have to deal with so they might as well be exposed to it sooner rather than later.