Daughter Knows Best

Picture the following conversation occurring, on average, 3-4 times per month for roughly five years:

Mother (obviously well intentioned, only wanting the best for her daughter):  “Sweetheart, just tell me, what kind of boy are you looking for; it can’t be that hard”

Daughter: “Mom, I’ve told you this a million times, I can’t really explain it, I promise I’ll know it when I meet him.”

Mother: “Well, maybe you need to just get out there more.”

Daughter: “Are you aware what’s out there? 

The daughter then proceeds to share the details of her most recent date (set up by one of her best friends who, of course, claimed, “He really seems like a great guy”).  The highlight of the date? When the gentleman shared a lovely story about the recent FBI raid of his apartment that resulted in the arrest of his roommate for being involved in some sort of foreign murderous gang…and how he was looking forward to supporting him during the trial.

Mother: “Hmm…hang in there honey, I’m sure you’ll (probably) find him.”

The daughter in this story did hang in there. She went on tons of dates throughout college and medical school. At best, she met perfectly nice guys whom she was sure would find themselves some other very nice girls (just not her). At worst, she met men who made her wonder how the human race would continue to exist if people like them were looking to procreate.

In the fall of 2010 she had a six week stretch where she attended four weddings of close friends.  She was truly happy for these friends and really enjoyed herself at these celebrations (all without that nagging feeling she had felt in the past, wondering when it would be her turn). Two of these close friends had met through JDate and so she thought to herself, “This is the year it’s going to happen; tonight I’ll make a profile and see what happens.”

A week or so later she had the following message in her inbox from this cute guy named Josh: “Hi there, you seem really cool. Would you like to get a drink sometime?” After checking out his profile (and just the slightest bit of Facebook photo stalking) he definitely seemed worthy of a response.  She emailed back something witty and they soon set up a date.

The funny thing was, the next night her roommate mentioned she was going out with some friends and asked if she wanted to come along. She already had plans but, out of curiosity, asked who would be there. Her roommate listed a few names and then, the fourth or fifth name she mentioned, was this very same Josh. “You know him?” she quickly asked.

 The roommate responds, “Oh yeah, I’ve been friends with him since last summer, he’s  a cool guy, he lives like 6 blocks away…you’ve really never met him before?”

Hmm…” she smiled and thought to herself, “This has gotta be a good sign”

Three days later Arielle and Josh went on a really great first date and three weeks later they told each other “I love you.” Six weeks after that first “I love you” they were engaged and five months after that they were married.

The best part of the story was when Arielle’s mother toasted in celebration of the engagement and proclaimed, “I can gladly say Arielle, you were right. When it comes to the right guy you would know it when you meet him”

Arielle and Josh
Riverdale, New York

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