Dear JDate,

cont-mt-arlen-danny-01It was October of 2007 and I (Arlen) had just gotten out of a not-so-serious relationship. My roommate urged me to go on JDate, but I was extremely hesitant (though I did have a profile up, but wasn’t a Subscriber). I decided to take her advice and just try it out, even though I wasn’t a big believer in meeting people over the Internet or of going on blind dates. So, I signed up on a Saturday and within a day or two, Danny contacted me. I decided that since I had paid, I might as well write back for fun. We wrote back and forth once or twice and then decided to exchange emails and chat information. We began chatting and talking on the phone a few times a day. The first phone call was only an hour long but it seemed like only minutes because neither of us wanted to get off the phone. I knew just by speaking to him on the phone that he was he was perfect for me. We decided to meet that Sunday for dinner. In the moments leading up to the date I was extremely nervous! I braced myself as I walked in the door and a strange thing suddenly happened. My nerves subsided; I got butterflies in my stomach, and fell in love with him at first sight! I immediately knew he was the one for me and that I had been right about my feelings for him all along. Since that night, we have been inseparable. We met on Sunday, October 7, 2007 and are now getting married!

cont-mt-arlen-danny-02Since there are always two sides of a story, I figured you should hear Danny’s, especially since it‘sa lot more interesting. Danny, as I have come to discover over the past year and a half, had actually recognized me from before JDate. In 2002, I had been a waitress at PF Chang’s. I waited on his table and must have made a great impression on him. He never spoke to me, because he was with his family, but two months later he saw me again at a bar in Beverly Hills. He came up to me and said he recognized me from PF Chang’s. I must have not been too interested because the conversation was short and we parted ways. Two years later, Danny was on JDate and noticed my profile. He was quite excited and wrote to me. He remembers contacting me a couple times throughout the years, but I had never been a member so I couldn’t read his messages. He was excited to find me, but discouraged that I had never responded. Flash forward to 2007. Danny had just come home from a trip to Israel and had just ended a serious relationship. He decided to go back on JDate and, within a week of being back from the trip, he found me on JDate once again. This time he wrote to me and, well, you know the rest of the story.

Though this is a story of fate and destiny, it was JDate that really brought us together. JDate not only opened the doors to meeting “The One,” but it also allowed for me to meet someone Jewish.


Arlen & Danny
Beverly Hills, California

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