Millions of men that sign up for online dating spend almost all of their energy trying to find the perfect pictures, and trying to write women the perfect messages.  Don’t get me wrong, these things are tremendously important.  However, while it is great to make your messages and profile pictures as intriguing as possible, many males completely neglect the importance of writing a great profile.

The truth is, it’s easy to understand why men would overlook this.  It isn’t exactly fun for most men out there to sit down and try to create the perfect profile.  Unfortunately, life isn’t always fun, and creating a profile that builds on many different levels of attraction and interest is extremely important.  Especially for men.

Why?  Because the female thought process tends to work as follows:

First a women looks at your message.  If she is intrigued she will move on to your profile pictures.  If your profile passes the test she will then move on to you your written profile.

Your written profile is the final point at which she will make her decision.  Create one the right way and you will succeed.  Fail to deliver and you may just find yourself striking out. 

Bottom line: always take the time to create a great online dating profile, while using all the most effective profile building techniques  possible.  It is critical to success.

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